What can cycling do for me?

Not only will cycling give you free transport it also will give you confidence, the opportunity to make a healthy lifestyle choice. 

Confident cycling also opens up opportunities for you to:

  • keep fit and healthy

  • cycle as a sport

  • cycle as a social activity

  • get a new hobby

  • get to places on non motorised transport

  • be part of the green transport revolution

  • commute to work

  • participate in recreational days out or cycling holidays

  • access the countryside 

  • participation in other more specific cycling activities, i.e. mountain biking, road cycling


Cyclists live longer than everyone else as evidenced by a five-year study of 263,450 UK commuters, published in the British Medical Journal in 2017, found regular cycling cut the risk of death from any cause by 41%, and the incidence of cancer and heart disease by 45% and 46% respectively.

Cycling also benefits society with fewer carbon emissions and is great for our health and wellbeing !