Olivia (10 year old) – “Jan has helped my daughter Olivia regain her confidence on her bike – she has achieved her Level One certificate and we couldn’t have asked for a more encouraging professional teacher!“

Flynn (8)  – “Our son has dyspraxia, which means that he finds things that require coordination such as swimming and cycling more difficult than others. When Flynn began working with Jan he was afraid of falling off, and could not cycle at all”.

“Starting with balancing exercises to help his stability and then gradually working towards pushing off from a standing start and cycling around obstacles…..8 weeks later and Flynn has just completed a 5 mile bike ride with Jan and now really enjoys Cycling! We can’t believe the progress he has made!“

It is my understanding that Jan has recently started her own business. I have to say I can’t imagine that there are many better cycling teachers around: she is very thorough, providing us with route plans and risk assessments prior to Flynn’s lessons”.

“What stands out most though is the things Jan does that really go beyond her duty as an instructor. She organised for Flynn’s gears to be fixed, taking the bike herself and always brings a piece of fruit to keep Flynn’s energy up during the lesson….We couldn’t recommend Cycle with Jan highly enough.”

Longhorsley After School Club
In order to compliment the Bikeability which was offered to year 4 children in Longhorsley First school and Cycle with jan provided a one hour after school club for the first 6 weeks of the summer term for children in years 1 – 3. Children were taught bike handling skills and games in the playground. 

Penni Blyth (69) – “Since childhood I have had an erratic, and very intermittent relationship with cycling. Never feeling safe and, unfortunately having people shout at me for not understanding how gears worked/ when/ how to use them seriously eroded what little confidence I had. A couple of things have prompted me to ‘try again’….. My work with Emily Inspires! Sharing her story and life and highlighting how the fight for women’s suffrage has relevance in our lives today reminded me of the crucial importance of the Bicycle in women’s lies. The Suffragettes and their ilk used the cycle to spread their message. The freedom that the invention and availability of the cycle brought to women cannot be underestimated. So I felt (and feel) that tackling my terror is a way of honouring them.
I relish the freedom driving brings me, well remember the utter delight when I passed my test and realised I could go anywhere on my own. I can easily equate that to how women must have felt when getting their hands (and feet) on cycles! Another reason – my relationship with a kind and committed cyclist. Something to share. Further reasons I realise include…. ‘I won’t be beaten’ and wanting to show others age is not a barrier.Jan’s work introduced me to the fun of a bike. She is SO patient, humorous and clear in directing and giving just the right amount of information. I’m very much ‘early days’ and now at least she’s shown me ‘I can’ and I look forward to some more lessons….”

Louise (49) “I hadn’t cycled confidently since a teen so was both nervous and excited when I joined one of Jan’s cycling courses. Jan spent a lot of time at the beginning of the morning on safety matters – looking at our bikes and helmets before setting off round a carefully chosen car park, closed at the weekend to cars. We were shown many things over the morning including where to place ourselves on the road and how to turn onto different types of roads safely and effectively. After completing the morning we had a very welcomed coffee, cake and full debrief. I felt so much more confident after Jan’s course and am far more aware of not just my own safety as a cyclist, but also more conscious of other cyclists when I am driving. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jan to anyone – regardless of your age, ability and how long you have been cycling as she tailors everything to your individual needs”.